Get Extras for Your Film

What is missing from nearly every independent film production?

The development of a scene’s background. Too often, indie filmmakers overlook the background.

indie EXTRAS is here to help! We have extras ready to help from all around the country. Just let us know what you need and we can help fill the background of your film. If you need help developing the film’s background, let us know and we can help.

Our service is free for micro-budget self-funded films. For films with budgets of $5,000 or larger or crowdfunded films, our fee is only $25 (just build the fee into your campaign). This fee helps us offer services to micro-budget films free of charge. Indie filmmakers need to help each other out, right?  In addition, we will notify potential extras and indie EXTRAS social media and blog followers of your campaign opportunities and perks.

Currently, we are only actively recruiting extras in our hometown of Kansas City.

If your film is outside of Kansas City, we will send your email address and film details to any extras we have in your area and ask them to contact you directly.